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Bcm 215 pitch

Bcm215 Pitch Script
The Analytical framework or Structure of my blog is like this
About the game–> Humour–> Honest review and rating
This is all around 500 word because I want to be able to keep peoples attention, so my idea is to keep posts shorter and have the pacing right in my writing, to keep readers attention.
Plan with schedule and dates
After having some weeks where I couldn’t get a post out, I want to get my schedule back on track. The original plan was too get 2 posts out a week however I think it is better idea to get 1 post out a week, this will give me more time to polish the post. So, this being week 6 I should have another 7 posts to come out by each Friday, because I’ve missed two weeks I think I will try and get out 2 more bonus posts to round out my total post for the semester to be 12 by the end of semester.
Media and texts, I want to explore
Media that I want to explore this semester with this blog in terms of BCM215 are the topic of the evolving in gaming franchises. I give and example of this in my pitch video of Battlefield 4 to Battlefield V, and how the game has seemingly taken a major fall in both popularity and play quality. I think also looking at games like Wolfenstein and Doom which were games from my Dads generation that have made a serious rise in popularity.


Published by Tobias Thomas

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8 thoughts on “Bcm 215 pitch

  1. Hey mate, I think, knowing you and your passions, that this topic you have chosen is perfect for the type of content that you are so good at producing. As I was involved in the ‘two drunk guys playing a Pokemon Nuzloke’, I am looking forward to your take on that experience was it was something that I enjoyed doing. I think that exploring a challenge on a game like Skate 3 like attempting to make huge jumps without using the speed hack would be an entertaining read and even exploring why the game was so popular as well? Another question I has is are you taking any inspiration from YouTubers who do a similar thing? I think that involving the brief opinion of others in your posts would add a deeper layer of research and foundation to each post and even gives you the opportunity to say how wrong their opinions are. In comparison, my game knowledge is far more limited than yours so reading this DA will hopefully expand my own knowledge of games that I know nothing about and encourage me to play them myself and compare your own thoughts and feelings to what I experience in these games. Love the idea mate and I would love to be involved in another game experience because I think it is great content!


  2. You seem to have a good idea on where you are going to take this DA and strong topic to look at. You didn’t repeat too much of your pitch in your blog post, just a little summary which I found was good.

    I would have a look at LGN as they as rate and categories videos games:

    I would also recommend looking into Halo, as I would love to read your opinions and thoughts on the story and design of the game as its one of my favourites. I am looking forward to seeing where you go with this DA.


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