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BCM241 Research Pitch

For my research project this semester in Bcm24, I’ve decided to investigate the media niche that is Video Games and the community that comes off it. As stated in my pitch video I intend to research the Image of Gamers and the stigma it carries. I state in the video that the base of my future research stems from the article and study published by the Ericsson ConsumerLab, this study as I’ve previously stated in blogs for this class span the past 10 years of changing image and stigma of gamers. I find this study as a good play to jump of from and expand my research, my main goal is to expand from this study in the coming weeks.

In the pitch I discuss the idea of combing two different research methods, this is due to the nature of the research question I have given myself. As I am not allowed to interview anyone for this task, I can’t reasonably answer the question with using just the observation method. With the method of document study, I gain access to interviews and studies that have already been done by other researchers which allows me to fill out that section of my research. In coming weeks, I would like to find other students study similar topics who I can interview firsthand because I believe we can do that. I believe a firsthand interview would round out my research and fill in any cracks in my opinion piece at the end of the semester.


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