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BCM215 pitch comments

After submitting my pitch for Bcm 215, I waited for the 3 people whose DAs really intrigued me. Earlier in the semester I talked to Taylah Ide-Miller who I had a class with last year about ideas for her DA and she explained to me the bones of her idea and It really got me interested in when pitches would come out. Hayden is big player in the BCM community, and I like to watch and see what he pulls out of his hat each semester ever since we made a thread of meme out of him and a lecture hall so he was on the list. Angus Andrews my good friend, the man has a serious flare for marketing, I’ve been discussing his digital artefact with him since I started mine so he got my third spot.

Taylah- Cuphead Make-Up TikTok-

During the first couple of weeks of semester I recall Taylah mention the bones of her project in discord, I later talked to her outside class about my thoughts on the idea and told her I hope she went through with it. I was very honest with the comment on Taylah’s blog, I stated I haven’t ever played or watched Cuphead, I do have vague understanding of what its about by school friends telling me about it. However, I have had two weeks experience with TikTok and with my BCM background that still makes me a novice. But I did investigate the cosplay community as it’s a hobby I respect and found several people who were doing things Taylah wanted to do. I suggest in the blog post and in out of class discussion to maybe use the ‘Duet’ feature which essentially piggy backs off another video throwing you into more algorithms generating views. I feel I could’ve put more into this comment, but the topic Taylah has chosen is very niche and think a personal touch was required rather than academic research.

Angus Andrews- Overhyped games that flopped, Marketing Analysis

Angus and I, as I said are good friends as I said, well we are more precisely housemates. I’ve been a subscriber to his Marketing blog for some time, so I know that he has the talent to pull off his digital artefact this semester and I feel I showed that view in this comment. I offered him a lifeline to collaborate as I know he has significantly less experience in the gaming community. I refrained from offering further academic research knowing I know too little of the marketing world. I know my ability in the marketing world besides person to person sales is fairly garbage, so I refrained from offering that opinion because I feel angus has a better grasp on It then I would. I feel If I had more of a background on the topic besides knowing distinct games that have flopped and more about the analysis of why I could’ve written a better post.

Hayden- Exploring Concept Art YouTube

Hayden’s DA pitch was a wildcard for me I wasn’t sure what he would throw at me, I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to write Hayden’s comment in a different style to the others because we only really meme through twitter and class. In terms of style I decided it to write it as I watched and score him as I went one point here and 2 points there, I guess. Hayden had thoroughly researched his plan and I felt giving him any more would be fairly useless after reading his blog post, the plan he had worked out seemed very straight forward and organised. In the stead of academic advice I offered first hand advice from my experience playing three of the games he intends to look into. In terms of the Witcher 3 I offered my thoughts in terms my thoughts on the use of a style of concept art used in cut scenes that tells a story. For Wolfenstein I offered streaming the second game collecting the concept art as I feel Hayden’s humour could really shine through with the boost of his passion and interest. I however couldn’t offer anything for the crash games as I’m not at all familiar. I believe in terms of comments this was my best work because I think Hayden will actually take from it more from the way I have written it.


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