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My Digital Artefact this semester is a video game blog, I decided early on to name it ‘The Tales of a Bullet Sponge’, I still haven’t written a post dedicated to that playstyle so wait for that, I guess. As I stated in my video above this isn’t my most successful DA, I began in the video to breakdown why that is and how I intend to fix it and make It successful, so I think it would be a good idea to do that here, including what was successful.

What was successful

So, after struggling early on about what to post I decided to just write about what I was passionate about to an extent because I didn’t want to come off as a butthurt angry fan. So, I decided to post about Pokémon and Battlefield, Pokémon was a positive post where Battlefield was a history/Negative post. Both these posts were in 2 parts to break up big topics, which I felt worked well.

What didn’t work

Time management has been a serious issue for me, as you can tell as I’m writing this post on the 18/10/2020 the day this is due, I’m in the progress of writing a schedule to improve this. I feel a I work best with deadlines and schedules and this will assist with the end of semester rush. My second major issue I discussed in the video was my lack of promotion, I think I will begin sharing It in class and on twitter and two certain likeminded individuals who might appreciate It. So this lead us to my Biggest flaw in my opinion which is my niche is too broad, as I said the two weeks posts worked well because I spent more time on one topic. My plan is too focus on Minecraft as my topic for at least the next 3 weeks to make my posts targeted at one audience. I am writing about this topic because I feel like I’m supported by nostalgia and the group project I’m doing on it in BCM215, this will give me constant stuff to draw on.

Thank you for reading much love Tobias


Published by Tobias Thomas

Just trying not to fail UNI, because I don't want to go work on the mines

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