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BCM 215 Beta blog

The Tales of a bullet sponge, I won’t lie to whoever reads this, so far this hasn’t been my most Digital artefact, and I won’t make any excuses it’s my fault. This has been my most challenging DA I’ve, format wise as I chose a niche format that is WordPress. Unlike past DAs I just can’t just follow or share the page via Facebook. I can do this it’s more of keeping two sides of my life separated. So now I’m going to expand on the things that need to improve to make this project successful

What needs to be fixed?

Point one- Promotion, as I stated in the video for this assignment, I’m going to use likeminded people to boost the participation in my content, whether that be friends, classmates, group members etc. ill do this by send out a message, tweet, snapchat, etc with the link to the post when a new one goes live every week.

Point two- Time management, I’m currently in the process of writing a schedule and plan for the rest of the semester including post for this DA, assignments for other classes and study around work and play. This will assist me greatly with end of the semester rush that is coming up, as I tend to get distracted easily.

Point three- Focus and Drive, I’ve been told that I could be diagnosed with ADHD, I get distracted like ridiculously easily. So, a major issue for me is when I’m playing to remember, I’m also working and should be taking either physical or mental notes, to work with this is I’m working on a timer system. Of 30 minutes game time 30 minutes note taking. Drives a little different as this comes down not really to topic of what I’m writing about it comes down to loss of motivation from online uni because I’m not a great self-motivating student. But when I get out and exercise before writing I find I’m more motivated so I’m working on that more. To whom ever sat through this thank you and I wish you the best xoxo


Published by Tobias Thomas

Just trying not to fail UNI, because I don't want to go work on the mines

8 thoughts on “BCM 215 Beta blog

  1. Hi mate. I have been following this project since you pitched it because you are both my roommate and it was a project that peaked my interest from the pitch stage. I will say straight off the bat that I relate to the niche platform of WordPress. The struggle that my DA has been through with the platform and also the promotional aspect is one of the largest struggles that I have experienced. I was going to suggest maybe a collaborative effort with myself or even another classmate on some upcoming posts. This would solve the issue you have been experiencing with drive and motivation that you have at times been experiencing. A collaborative effort would be entertaining for both you and your audience and even add some more depth to your posts. Maybe a game play from two different perspectives and finding out where the differences of opinion are between you and your partner. I hope everything resolves itself as we near the end of this DA process. All the best!


  2. Hey Buddy,
    1. Being inspired and talking a bit too much about things you like is much better then hating what you’re doing. Do what interests you and people will be able to tell you passionate!
    2. You mentioned having trouble and getting lost in the game and forgetting to write notes? maybe set an alarm for every 10 minutes so you can set it down, write relevant notes then pick up the game and repeat. ADHD really said!
    3. I know it can be hard/troubling to not get much feedback (looks at my 0 comments) but as long as you keep doing your thing i think it should be good!
    Keep up the good work


  3. Hey man! Seeing your struggles with motivation and promotion is awesome as it is all a part of the process and you can see how passionate you are about the project. I myself have also had struggles with both of these aspects. I found promotion wise Reddit might be a really good platform to showcase what you have going on to an outside audience other than your class. Subreddits like r/Gaming are really broad but for whatever game you are writing about at the time, there is bound to be a subreddit for it. A collaborative effort would definitely help with your motivation and hopefully, get you back up on your feet!


  4. Hi Tobias,

    I have been following this project since you pitched it gained my interest as in one of your post being comparing all the Battlefield games which is one of my favourite series and game developer.

    In relation to your platform choice for this DA, I think it is a wise decision to use a blog, as you are very interested in playing video games. A blog is a great platform for you and would still get the message and analysis of your chosen game media texts. I think that the enjoyment of you writing about this topic will be shown throughout the blog posts, as they are well written and researched.

    I to have also struggled with motivation and promotion is awesome as it is all a part of the process and you can see how passionate you are about the project. I myself have also had struggles with both of these aspects.

    I was also thinking that you could join this discussion if there is any on Twitter if you have time. And us that community to promote conversion to your blog post and start an informal discussion and receive more feedback for your work.

    Thank you for sharing your DA journey and Goodluck!



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