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BCM215 Beta Comments and Self reflection

This semester we’re tasked with commenting on 3 other students blogs, for this I decided to comment on the same students blogs I looked at in round one of this task. Those being Angus, Hayden and Taylah. Depending on if their post is up or not I will need to look elsewhere.



G’day Angus, I’m glad too here your project hasn’t changed to much from what you pitched originally, as I was very keen to watch and see where it went. I’ve noticed from your post you were worried about the chaotic nature of your blog, if you would like some help to make the blog a lot less chaotic, I’d love to help. This is due to as I’m doing a similar subsection to you and can show you how mine looks.


Angus’s Digital Artefact is working in a similar way to my own as a subsection to his pre-existing word press blog, in his beta video and post he mentions an issue with this format. From this I offer and option to help him fix the chaotic format as early on I suffered this same issue. So, to help him out I offered my time too help him streamline his blog as I know Word press can be a trouble to work with. This will go ahead in the coming days as we both find time to sit down and organise his page together, this will make it easier for Angus to organise his content for classes and his Digital Artefact. I am doing this as I have a genuine friendship with Angus and I see him quite regularly.



G’day Hayden, its been really good to see this project take off in such a positive way, as at the beginning of the semester I was excited to see where this would go as I thought it extremely niche. I think moving towards covering all video game art was a great idea as it gives you more things to actively draw on. As, I suggested YouTube as a platform for you, I think moving to Instagram is a better platform especially now they have Instagram Reels. This could be an avenue you could look at as I believe it works in similar ways as Tiktok and I have been seeing a large amount of concept on there in my FYP (for you page), I don’t have a large amount of experience with Instagram reels but from what I understand it works fairly similar to tik tok, which I have a large amount of experience with, I’ve seen people recently using concept art to make 60 second long lore videos.


It was really good to see Hayden take on some suggestions from the feedback I gave him on his pitch, this was on the different uses of artwork in the games. I am also extremely glad he didn’t follow my advice of youtube, as I now strongly believe it wasn’t the best choice. I went on to suggest exploring Instagram reels (the TikTok rippoff) as I’ve scene a large amount of TikToks showing off concept art recently. I explain in this comment to Hayden I don’t have grasp on reels but I feel it could be good for his concept art and it could bring in a new crowd of followers.



G’day Boswell, I really quite enjoyed how well you put together this beta, the transitions were extremely smooth, and you conveyed the information extremely well. I also would like to note how happy I am that the concept for your project has stayed fairly the same from when you pitched it in class all those months ago. As a long time on and off fan of the AC games I’ve always loved the way in which they take a historical time and place something new (the player) in there as a new figure. I also understand after the last two games a large string of controversy in the last two games, especially from the last game in odyssey. I suggest getting int early with your partner with the new game Valhalla coming out next month and even make some discussion video in relation to the lore.


In this comment, I comment on the way in which Boswell has put the post together extremely well. I think the way he has put the information together and conveyed it across made it extremely clear to understand. To give him some suggestion that in my opinion it doesn’t matter if he takes because this project has taken off and looks extremely professional and I don’t think my suggestion are necessary. I suggest he avoid dipping his toe in the controversy surrounding AC odyssey and get in early with the new game this November with AC Valhalla, and I even suggest some pre-emptive posts too get into the trend.


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