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Bcm325- the future of all things, Podcast pitch

This semester I decided to be adventurous with my Digital artefact, this being one of my final semesters of university here at UOW. I decided on making a podcast as it has been on my brainstorm list since 1st year. The podcast is going to be called ‘the future of all things’ ,I intend for it to be semi-informative but also more of an opinion piece.  

I really enjoyed the idea of asking people from outside the subject their image of the future, as I feel everyone has this picture in their minds eye influenced by medias perspective of the future. I want to tap into that image and put it on the canvas that is this podcast for my listeners to consume.

I threw the idea of the podcast to my friends and my housemates and they all jumped on board. They are interested to cover topics related to their Careers, Sport, University, and the world at large.

I set this project out so I can do it in the background of all my other subjects as I feel It works well around all the research projects I am undertaking. I will include all my notes on the podcast as images at the end of the post, to give a glimpse into how I went about organising my thoughts on the project.

I intend to begin undertaking the project starting next Monday as I have been behind with work and moving back to Wollongong.


Published by Tobias Thomas

Just trying not to fail UNI, because I don't want to go work on the mines

9 thoughts on “Bcm325- the future of all things, Podcast pitch

  1. Tobias, this sounds like a great concept for a digital artifact. A podcast simply focused on the future of the world, the economy, the environment, sports, cryptocurrency from the perspective of the younger generation is a great route to cover. Covering different topics each week allows for a wide scope of issues to be raised, and I really like how you will show your notes at the end of the podcast, giving an insight into the behind-the-scenes work it takes to produce a weekly podcast.

    I wonder how the conversation around artifical intelligence and how they think it will grow in the future will go, if they could smart enough to revolt against the people that made them. This is a great article about the differing persectives on Ai development from the general public to executives in the AI development and deployment

    I am also intrigued into how they plan for an uncertain future and their potential views on what the overall world will look like for them. Do they belive in multiverses?

    I am looking forward to seeing the first edition of your podcast.


  2. I love this idea. Podcasts are a simple format and opening it up to a wide array of topics means that more ground can be covered. I look forward to seeing what you learn from your peers and I for one will be keeping an eye on any calls for guests (especially if you talk about possible futures informed by existing science fiction.)

    Regarding the immediate future, I think workspaces and the economy are going to be forever changed by COVID-19. McKinsey Global Institute has created a triad of reports about the post-pandemic economy, The Future of Work After COVID-19 being one of them. Careers that require physical proximity to other people have been greatly affected and the knock-on effect isn’t going away anytime soon. I’m sure you can find a great basis for an episode here, especially regarding young adults entering the workspaces of our choice after uni.

    I’m a big video game geek, so it’s no surprise I looked into how the future of gaming may tie into your DA. We’ve seen a lot of A.I. in our weekly viewings and our gaming culture, as it exists now, already creates smart artificial intelligence, just without the sentience. Who knows if we’ll start giving even more freedom to our A.I. and if it would be a smart move.


  3. The future of all things is quite a broad subject to tackle, but I think that the medium of a podcast will suit this really well! I agree with what you’re saying, this is a clever DA that can fit into your other subjects while still satisfying the Future Cultures guidelines.

    One such topic that I think would be interesting is the future of advertisements – we’ve seen evidence of this in some of our weekly screenings, such as Bladerunner, and it’s featured in some other brilliant movies that you should check out if you haven’t already (aka that scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise sees personalised ads after his eyes get scanned ). Basically advertising can and could become a lot more invasive and attention-grabbing in years to come (perhaps not quite as cool as Willy Wonkavision-esque chocolate hologram projections on our screens, but it’s definitely a possibility).

    As we wire ourselves further into the Internet of Things, lines start to become blurred and we, our organic interactions, could be at risk to data-hungry companies wanting to mine us. We obviously do not want a Matrix-style body harvesting situation going on, so it’s important to think about topics like this to highlight the probable, possible and preferred futures following Wendell Bell’s theories of future thinking. After all it is our responsibility to face the future armed with the knowledge to forecast said future, lest we end up in the least ideal version of it.

    Click to access Making_people_responsible_The.pdf

    Our generation does have a very unique view of the world and our future, and this is reflected in our interactions and attitudes. Here and now in 2021 we find solace in our shared “dark, surreal, and completely meaningless” humour.
    (Gen Z, memes and metamodernism)

    I think interviewing peers is a good way to capture a sample of your audience and understand their outlook. Maybe in thirty years someone will rediscover your podcast and laugh at how we thought that by 2051 humanity would’ve colonised Mars, whereas all they have are mandatory face-masks and nothing to watch on ‘Animal Planet’.


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