BCM325- Where is the future taking you- BETA

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My Digital Artefact for BCM325 has gone through not just changes this semester but been completely reborn since the pitch assignment. My Digital Artefact changed from a Podcast with a changing topic each week, to a Blog dedicated to interviewing and blogging student and industry profiles, sharing stories and wisdom from current students and industry professionals. The blog/website was set up through WordPress, separate from my BCM blog. The name of the Blog is ‘Where is the future taking you?’ it has been available publicly available all through its development, I currently have one university profile Available for public viewing. I’ve drafted a following three more, and In the next few days they should be live on the page. When working towards my social utility for this project, I thought back to the time I spent over summer in my hometown Broken hill, during this time I had teenagers and their parents openly approaching to interview me for a real interview about what UNI was like and my experience there. From this experience, I decided to take profiles from my peers, friends and family on their experience at Uni, both Social and Academic sides. These profiles act as a place for students coming to university to take in a real and honest view from a different student not bound to the uni.

The goal for this blog series of profiles is to have 10-13 profiles done and 2-4 industry profiles, these are a little harder to organise with my schedule. As the semester goes on the project will have the audio added as a part of the blog, as I still really love the idea of having people listen to the conversation. Through the feedback form this assignment I’m hoping to expand or shorten my interview and change some questions around for future interviews and blog posts.

As I say in my video that is above I feel this blog could become an invaluable resource to teachers and students alike, as students cant often go into their full Uni experience of how they met their friends, etc. Also from a business standpoint I feel this could be valuable to the uni as they’re trying to get more and more student to help with the covid 19 recovery plan.

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Just trying not to fail UNI, because I don't want to go work on the mines

6 thoughts on “BCM325- Where is the future taking you- BETA

  1. I really enjoyed this Beta presentation Tobias! ‘Where the Future is Taking You’ has an excellent utility for young people in influencing their career choices. I know when I was choosing my degree, I found websites like The Footnotes (https://thefootnotes.com.au/) and Year13 (https://year13.com.au/) which feature industry profiles and interviews like ‘Q&A with a Marketing Director at an E-commerce store’ very valuable to plan my own career path (https://thefootnotes.com.au/marketing-director-at-stylerunner/). These resources could provide inspiration for questions you could ask! It is evident you’ve effectively iterated your project, although it would’ve been valuable to see pictures of those mind maps or screenshots of the comments embedded in your contextual blog post. With a target of 10-13 profiles, it is worth using GoogleForms to create a survey of careers questions and with the participant’s permission, create a profile to speed up the interview process. The blog post on Angus had some great insights! It would benefit from some more interaction for readers. More images and links to resources such as the UOW degree description for Communication and Media (https://www.uow.edu.au/study/communications-media/) into the blog posts will enable readers to actively engage. This is an article on Best Practice for Writing Interview Blog Posts that you might find useful (https://www.ny-ave.com/blog/best-practices-for-writing-interview-blog-posts). Well done on mentioning the relationship between the past and present of the profile’s career. Next time, to more explicitly address the subject materials you could reference Ziauddin Sadar’s 2009 ‘The Namesake: Futures; future studies; futurology; futuristic; foresight – What’s in a name?” (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/240174044_The_Namesake_Futures_futures_studies_futurology_futuristic_foresight-What's_in_a_name). Sadar describes that “it is the now which brings the possible futures into being” and so asking interviewees about what they’re doing now to actively get them to where they see themselves in 5 years would be valuable.

    Again, well done! Really looking forward to seeing your project unfold.



  2. Hi, Tobias! I really enjoyed your beta video. It is an excellent and interesting topic for young people, especially useful for high school students to think about their degree and future career and path. I don’t know how the students in Australia are based on what circumstances to choose their degree, so that makes me curious. You can add or ask some interesting questions, such as “Did they have any limitations in choosing their degree?” such as parents don’t agree with their choice or forcing them to study for a career they don’t want? ” I discovered two resources where you can learn more about the key employment industries and what people who work in these industries do.
    https://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/jobs-and-careers/plan-your-career/industry-profiles & https://www.adnews.com.au/brands/industry-profile/news This website profiles some of Australia’s advertisement, ad tech, communications, and media practitioners every week. I hope you find it helpful.

    It’s excellent if you can create 10-13 profiles and 2-4 industry profiles, but I think it would be too hard for such a large workload. Making it 5 profiles and 5 industry profiles will allow you to interview people more in-depth to learn about their UNI life and industry. Here is a story about our alumni who are studying media for their degree at UOW.

    Furthermore, I read one of your blog profiles-interview with Angus, which is an interesting blog, and I would suggest that you include a short conclusion or thoughts at the end of the profile blog, bringing out your feelings or summarizing in an engaging way that can rock your readers’ minds. And it would be better to use bold for the question. It would be an easier and clear way for readers to follow your story. 

    Moreover, you can include a call-to-action in your blog post and share links related to your content to dig deeper and provide a useful and valuable resource for teachers and students. I have found a great blog style that includes a video, quotes and graphics. You can take it as a reference if it helps.https://www.impactplus.com/real-results/ais

    Overall, I love your idea and project. I am looking forward to your upcoming blogs.

    – Jessie


  3. Hi Tobias! I really loved your video, it was clear and gave us all the information. This topic I haven’t seen be mentioned a lot before, as I struggled with knowing what I wanted to do for my future, in high school, the university was a very last minute thing. I wish this was around so I could have had some direction but it’s such a great idea you have put together. After reading your blog that interviewed Angus, I could only think about what were your thoughts on the interview at the end. Maybe after each of the interviews that you hold it includes a section for your feedback or just thoughts, it’d be a good way to end the blog. The future aspect of the idea can be clearly identified, overall I see a lot of potential going forward with this idea. I would recommend just going over the course details that we have here at UOW, there could be something for interview questions or something interesting to add-in for your thoughts. https://www.uow.edu.au/study/communications-media/


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