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Blog 2: group assignment and individual envolvement

Have you met me? Began as all group assignments do with a long drawn-out silence, unlike most group assignments this didn’t last all too long due to prompting from Chris Moore and Richard Hall. The group of 7 that we ended up with for this project consisted of Casey, Danielle, Hunter, Jett, Ruby, Seth and Myself. From my memory The initial idea for the game came from Jett, as we were throwing ideas back and forth. The idea for the name I believe came from hunter and I along with the rest of the group throwing pop culture references around, the name derives from the popular show How I Met your mother and one of its most famous call backs, “Have you met Ted”.

We began the prototyping of the game in the first week deciding on the initial first interrelation’s structure and how we believed it would be played. This involved the initial development of the then vibe cards (now trait cards) and red flag cards, I believe everyone except Seth and Casey were involved in this process due to personal reasons. We Discussed more of the project in the second week however we all took more time to work on our solo games development. We all then enjoyed the 2 week break with minor communication through our group chat. After the break it was a struggle to get the 7 members together with Uni requirements, distance and work schedules however we managed to at least get 4 to 6 of us and one full meeting of 7 in the last 2 weeks.

Background research

Have you met me? Takes inspirations from other card games such as Splendor, Cards Against Humanity, Codenames, and Red Flags. Through the iteration the playtesting cycle of our game the only mechanics that come from these games is the simple scoring from splendor, the pick up nature of Cards against Humanity and red flags. These had all been games we had either played in class or in our own time. This was an important thing for us as we initially were looking to develop Have you met me with a similar 3 tiered structure of splendor, including a token currency system, through playtesting, that I sadly missed due to travel we decided to scrap from the final product which has made a greater game, with faster paced play.

Why Role

My Role in the development of Have You Met Me? Was centred around the Rules and the Mechanics of our card game and to record for the presentation. Initially this role was shared with Jett and Hunter and later Seth. We as a group discussed and thought out how the game should play through all its iterations. This involved looking into other games, such as Splendor, Codenames and Cards against humanity rulebooks and mechanics of play. We initially looked at incorporating the currency (tokens) and tiered card system. The rules and mechanics all bar the scoring system that is loosely inspired by splendor is the only remaining mechanic from that study in the final product. My personal inclusion was always ensuring that the game was fast paced and easy to set up, this is largely due to my infatuation with Codenames and it ease of play/repetition. The nature and mechanic of fast paced play and repetition is still in our final product and is one of Have you met me?’s defining traits. My final role in this group assessment was being one of the oral presenters in the video presentation as well as writing one of the sections and inputting on multiple slides. The slides I recorded for the video presentation and wrote scripts for were the game overview and Market research, this was also supported by Dani’s study. My slide that I constructed was the market research slide which was greatly helped by Dani’s research and input. In this section of the presentation, I discuss statistics involved in dating apps in 2020 showing the popularity and trend in the area that our game is based on, because our character cards are constructed to resemble a tinder profile. That concludes my major roles in this assessment, besides group interactions and idea bouncing.


This group assessment was an overall blast, the size of the group at times was a struggle, but in the final phase became a great strength in workload and idea building. If it hadn’t been for the designing of Casey, Dani and Ruby this game would’ve been some scraps of purple, red and blue paper. This made our game extremely easier to complete as it made it more real and showed us what we were doing. Hunter, Seth, Jett and I along with the assistance of the other members constructed the rules, mechanics and basic fundamental that are now Have you met me?. This brings me to my last big thank you and motion of gratitude, Jett Townsend went above and beyond with organising and constructing the final presentation on top of his other responsibilities. This game wouldn’t be what it is without the rest of the group well done team xoxo

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