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Curation of Tweets through week 6-11 Bcm325

This half of the semester I was more on top of my class attendance and tweeting engaging more with the content and screenings. This all went well until the break period where I travelled home and due to some fault of my own and family matters fell behind but, in the end, I sat down and sorted it out and caught up last week. This half of the semester we were screened Ghost in the shell, Bladerunner 2049, The Matrix, Alita Battle Angel and Ready Player One.

Week 6- Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Ghost in the shell is a Japanese manga-based film, so I guess that makes it an anime film. Surprising to me this film, held my attention the most throughout the semester. So, let’s get into the tweets I’ve decided to talk about.

Tweet 1

This tweet spawned from the concept of the human evolution, in particular the human vs Neanderthal evolutionary concept. My idea as I say here is that we are in an era where we are likely to see a similar situation between cyborgs and humans as they seemingly out evolve us. I use an article involving Elon Musk published by the guardian to accentuate my points made in the tweet.

Tweet and Interaction

My interaction for this week was the tweet you find above. As our world pushes ever forward into the scientific fields of space exploration and robotics, I see more and more of my schoolboy dreams coming true, slowly but surely. I ask the class this question during the film “would you get cybernetic enhancements?”. This interaction stems from how closely this film was linked to Cyberpunk 2077 a game I was playing at the time. Here is my tweet that links these two entities.     

As you can see people in the class weren’t too interest in this idea, as in the film there is a hacker able to hack body parts. This similar to the concept in the video game Cyberpunk 2077.

All week 6 Tweets

Week 7- Bladerunner 2049 (2017)

During this week we were treated to a screening of Bladerunner 2049, the sequel to the Bladerunner we watched in the first half of the semester. my first tweet stems from an interaction from someone who watched the film earlier in the week then I did and noted the atmosphere is actually based on the dust storm that hit Sydney 2009.

I am from broken hill, a little mining town out in the far west of the NSW on the South Australian border, and we were the first town hit by the storm that swept across the state hitting Sydney. The storm in question turned the entire town for a period of about 15 minutes, as a 9-year-old this felt like a lifetime. This was something I personally thought I should put over and contribute to the class.

My second tweet I want to talk about for this film is this one here.

This tweet was humorous and played the line of our cohort of bcm students all going through bcm100 together. In our first lecture in hope theatre, we were visually accosted by a Scandinavian video of two robots having sex. this tweet was done by me to lighten the dark themes of the movie, as it was a rough week for everyone.

My favourite tweet of the week was this one here. It was formed by the line “to be born is to have a soul”. This line stuck with me as you could see K (the main character) have a spark of a soul as he gains through all his trials and tribulations. This line brings into question when something becomes sentient does it gain a soul, or is a soul come with birth, it’s a spiritual concept that crosses over in all areas of life, and we still can’t define it.  

All tweets from Week 7

Week 8- The Matrix (1999)

Ok Ok, I’m 21 in September and I had managed to never watch The Matrix up until this point in my life, my housemates and friends were shocked with me. I’ll be honest in my opinion it didn’t live up to the hype that it had been drenched in. The film was interesting as it was made in 1999 the year before I graced this little dirt space rock, we call home. So, what we see in the film is things I connect with as they were all around through my developmental years, which leads into my first tweet of the week.

The mobile phones, the new and ever-changing technology through the early 2000’s before the smart phone became the new thing. The phones in this film whether they be payphones (remember those things) or mobile are one of the main plot driving devices in this movie. The flip phone held by main character Neo (Keanu Reeves), when ever flipped out makes an audible click, similar to the sliding of the receiver on a firearm. To me as I am familiar with handling firearms symbolised the phone as more then a phone and as a weapon. Really showing the pen is actually a sword not mightier it just is a sword .

So, a theme you’ll have noted from me is my use of the term “weekly nightmare fuel”, this has become a recurring theme. So the fuel this week was a mouthless neo and a robot that entered through his belly button and retrieved information for bad guy Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). Nasa have actually made a robotic device similar to the robot worm we see in the film, that is being used for surgery in space from my knowledge. This is to me seeing something developed from a film and a great use of creative engineering for the future.

And for some mid-way intermission, an injection of humour, doctors’ orders! My best tweet in my opinion, even Chris Moore god love him got in on the fun.

All Week 9 Tweets

Week 10- Alita Battle Angel (2019)

This is the section after the break where I dropped off from my responsibilities for this class, life gets in the way sometimes, but I got in and made up for it. Alita Battle Angel for something I had been putting off watching turned out to be a massive hit and I enjoyed its themes immensely. Due to being behind I don’t have many interactions to show off this week, but I will discuss the trails the film led my brain down.

So, as you have seen above in my curation, I enjoy the science and the future of cybernetics and cyborgs mostly due to video games and various other forms of pop-culture. So of course, this movie made me want to see how close we are as a civilisation to having fully fledged cyborgs like those we see in this film and subsequent films like the one the article is written about Robocop (2014). The article states we are essentially there if we put enough money into it the place, we fall short are organs and brains, as even with 83,000 supercomputer scientists, could only simulate 1% of a human brains activity.

I watched this movie with my housemates, as I was behind and one of them is an engineer and gets annoyed by Scifi movies and physics. This led me to looking into the science behind the movie. The article I sourced for this curiosity and tweet, essentially goes through the cyborg elements of the film and gives it a plausible rating, not a lot of the things show are plausible for us today, the three ones they find plausible are touch sensitivity, learning to use a new body, and sleep. A brain surviving 300 years they laugh at, but it is a movie so who cares for cold hard science.

This is just, me nerding out a sledgehammer with rocket propulsion is metal. Christoph waltz an ‘Hunter Warrior’, basically a bounty hunter wields sharpened Warhammer like weapon that has a rocket to make up for his small stature to take out bad cyborgs.

We always make robots/cyborgs either a tool or a weapon of war in film and this stemmed from a long-term thought. I looked into If these really will be our future. We have weaponised aerial drones now for both big targets and small infantry organised assaults. It’s scary how fast robotic weaponry like we see in this film is becoming a reality. 100 British marines beat out 1500 US troops using anti infantry drones in a war games recently held. This shows how close we can go to the things we see in films like these, here is the article on that .

All tweets from Week 10

Week 11- Ready Player One

Ready player one, is by far one of my favourite movies in the last few years, I’ve read the book, watched the movie 5+ times and read the sequel book Ready Player Two. The films themes are something I’m extremely interested as I follow the development of VR (virtual reality) extremely closely, waiting to invest. The idea of having a gaming world like the Oasis is every nerds dream, but seems so out of reach. Okay back to tweets.

So, on following VR technology I found this guy on YouTube a month ago, who was testing his homemade haptic suit inspired by the film. In the original clip I saw he was playing a game and testing the feeling of firearms by being shot it game. Technology like this is the next stage of VR, but the argument if you can feel pain in game would you still be interested. Imagine you have an arm cut off and you feel the pain would you still play the game, obviously the pain wouldn’t be the same because the trauma on the brain would be too immense, still the mere thought. This film had the closest resemblance to what I could imagine happening in our world.

The film cuts out some of the more graphic and real sections of the book, to make room for more action. The book in particular as I mention speaks to the realist in you, of what some people would become If this was available to the world. Becoming lock ins living in the oasis and not entering the world. Which is also why a future with this being a possibility scares me slightly. I won’t go into the graphicness because it just involves wade compromising his human life for the sake of the Egg.

After the film I went onto think on the character who drove the story, James Halliday the Oasis’s proprietor and who our equivalent could be. My thoughts went to the futurist Bill Gates, but my inner nerd went to Bethesda’s front man Todd Howard. Both have merit, in their own right but I can’t see anyone doing anything like this, anytime soon. The dream is to have something even remotely similar to the Oasis, but the gaming community will never see that due to overlap and dispute in the gaming community.

All Tweets from Week 11   

Concluding Summary

I feel I could have contributed better to the screenings for this class thinking and writing reflectively. One thing I definitely noted was my curiosity flowed better watching the films in my own time and I feel my tweets in those section was deeper and more in-depth with study. I also understand that was not the purpose of the screenings and subsequent task I am writing now. My tweets for interactions relied on humour too much opposed academic sources and discussion which in retrospective I feel was a wasted opportunity, I find it a trait hard to turn off. The screenings all influenced me as the tweets I have posted reflect, whether causing me sleepless nights or furthering my interest and curiosities about the future and the study of it.   


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