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Wollongong going up a gear for the UCI Road World championships

Wollongong will be host to the 2022 UCI Road World Championships from September 17th-25th, with the 5 competition courses encompassing a significant amount of the Wollongong suburbs. The largest of the 5 tracks encompasses Mt Keira, West Wollongong, Gwynneville, Wollongong CBD, Spring Hill, Cringilla, Unanderra, Courdeaux Heights, and Mt Kembla. The starting/finish point of eachContinue reading “Wollongong going up a gear for the UCI Road World championships”


Road Races, Road Works and Grinding Gears

Wollongong city will be hosting the UCI 2022 Road Cycling World championships for the first time this September. The Race is set to go ahead over the 17th through to the 25th, a full 8 days of racing. With tracks spanning all over various Wollongong suburbs, residents expect some troubles and inconvenience around the event.Continue reading “Road Races, Road Works and Grinding Gears”

Social Media the platform, where humour and wit shape opinions

Social media apps and platforms since their induction into our society have been a place for comedy in all shapes and forms, Memes, Gifs, Skit comedy, and now journalists have a form to reach millions of users with one article. Social media-based journalists often use humour as a way in which to attract and holdContinue reading “Social Media the platform, where humour and wit shape opinions”

What’s driving the youth to get their ‘Democracy Snag’

With Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling the date of the federal election for the 21st of May, the youth of Wollongong and surrounding regions are gearing up to get their ‘Democracy Snag’ and have their voice heard. Over the last week, I’ve been out in the community talking to students of UOW (University of Wollongong)Continue reading What’s driving the youth to get their ‘Democracy Snag’

A Social War: #StandwithUkraine

The #Hashtag, it has become a key tool in our social media communication toolbox in the last decade, whether it’s used on Instagram to help caption your cute puppy photo or used on Twitter as a tool for mass social change (BLM) through online activism. online activism is defined by Ellen Simpson as “Slacktivism” thisContinue reading A Social War: #StandwithUkraine

Peer review 2- Reviewing some great DA’s take two

Jett Townsend- Happy Heads to trying to adult So I’m back with Peer Review 2, first up off the mark is revisiting Jett’s Beta presentation. In the time from Jett’s pitch that I reviewed at the beginning of semester, he has pivoted his project and energy to reviving a 2019 digital artefact ‘Trying to Adult’.Continue reading “Peer review 2- Reviewing some great DA’s take two”

Peer Review 1- Looking into the projects of Casey and Jett

I always look forward to these sections of the assignment schedule, the Bcm degree offers so many creative individuals, during this assignment we get the chance to explore their work which is amazing in its own right. This semester I’ve decided to look into the work of two of my dear friends Casey and Jett,Continue reading “Peer Review 1- Looking into the projects of Casey and Jett”