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Making: Online presence 3

The final Stage of our Digital artefact has been fairly smooth sailing, we’ve experienced some scheduling inconsistency between available time due to end of year commitments such as finding a new rental, members finding new employment and family commitments. Over the course of the three modules for Devouring Wollongong has gone through many changes howeverContinue reading “Making: Online presence 3”


Digital Artefact : Contextual Essay

Devouring Wollongong (DW) was the Digital Artefact (DA) that Laura, Angus and I decided on for BCM114 (Making Media), we all agreed when we were making our decision on where to go to University, there wasn’t much information showing off the Wollongong region, we saw lots of the main campus but not a lot ofContinue reading “Digital Artefact : Contextual Essay”

Devouring Wollongong (pitch)

Devouring Wollongong, for all intensive purposes is a platform to show of Wollongong and the businesses (Food, or entertainment). The Idea is to approach businesses with our idea to advertise their business to the student population. The format of the videos should be a section for the manager or staff member to address the studentContinue reading “Devouring Wollongong (pitch)”