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The tale of the Bullet Sponge blog- contextual essay

My Digital Artefact this semester as I pitched in the early weeks of semester, was a subsection of my blog. This subsection turned into ‘Tales of a Bullet Sponge’, the idea of this was for a place I could write interesting and engaging blog in relation to videogames, this would allow me to promote andContinue reading “The tale of the Bullet Sponge blog- contextual essay”


Week 8- Social media revolution and Memetic Warfare

This week I decided rather than looking into American memetic warfare, I would investigate memetic warfare in Australian politics in particular I wanted to look into the memetic warfare being raged against the NSW state government. This has happened since the beginning of the year during the bush fires, where premier Gladys was given theContinue reading “Week 8- Social media revolution and Memetic Warfare”

Week 4

This week my remediation is worked around the ideas promoted in this lecturer by several academics of decentralising the internet. This would protect our data, hopefully stop those adds where I think something and then it’s being advertised to me wherever I look. In the rise of this digital age I believe there is nothingContinue reading “Week 4”