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Tales of a bullet sponge- Contextual report- wordpress version

Introduction My Digital artefact this semester for 215 was a subsection of my blog analysing games media and the linking paratexts. This idea Stimulated from wanting to work on my WordPress blog, since the start of the year in Bcm112. I was unable to reuse my past DA from first semester because I couldn’t seeContinue reading “Tales of a bullet sponge- Contextual report- wordpress version”


BCM215 Beta Comments and Self reflection

This semester we’re tasked with commenting on 3 other students blogs, for this I decided to comment on the same students blogs I looked at in round one of this task. Those being Angus, Hayden and Taylah. Depending on if their post is up or not I will need to look elsewhere. Angus Comment G’dayContinue reading “BCM215 Beta Comments and Self reflection”