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BCM241 Research Pitch

For my research project this semester in Bcm24, I’ve decided to investigate the media niche that is Video Games and the community that comes off it. As stated in my pitch video I intend to research the Image of Gamers and the stigma it carries. I state in the video that the base of myContinue reading “BCM241 Research Pitch”


Week 4 BCM241 Blog post- Ethical problems and Background Research

Studying the Video game media niche, the ethical problems are based solely around disclosing to the people I’m playing and communicating that I’m observing. I let my party or squad know that I’m observing and taking notes but not taking anything statements or answers, just attempting to help form an opinion. Recently I’ve played gamesContinue reading “Week 4 BCM241 Blog post- Ethical problems and Background Research”

Week 3 Bcm241 blog post- Narrowing my Ethnographic study

What I believe are the key issues to understanding my niche I believe the main issue to people outside the gaming community is shaking the image that the media has sold us of gamers. Since the early days of the 2000s the media has been promoting either one of two images to people outside theContinue reading “Week 3 Bcm241 blog post- Narrowing my Ethnographic study”

BCM241 blog post 2- I’m changing my niche – Video games

Participants So, at the beginning of the week we were told not to generalise the participants. I believe this is true for the media niche of Video Gaming as I am continuously surprised by unlikely participants. In my time in the community I’ve run into 60-year-old men, 33-year-old mums and plenty of 10 -year old’sContinue reading “BCM241 blog post 2- I’m changing my niche – Video games”