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Blog 2: group assignment and individual envolvement

Have you met me? Began as all group assignments do with a long drawn-out silence, unlike most group assignments this didn’t last all too long due to prompting from Chris Moore and Richard Hall. The group of 7 that we ended up with for this project consisted of Casey, Danielle, Hunter, Jett, Ruby, Seth andContinue reading “Blog 2: group assignment and individual envolvement”


My Experience with Board games as an Adult, yes im an adult

Codenames- Vlaada Chvátil Codenames was the first game that I took part in, during week one it was the first-time id played a word-based card game so the set up for me was a lot of watching and listening. I appreciated the games spy theme including the setting produced through the spymaster and operative, itContinue reading “My Experience with Board games as an Adult, yes im an adult”