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Bcm325: Peer Beta Comments and reflection

Josephine Doyle Josephine, I’m going to start this off with stunned amazement, I love seeing changes in trajectory from the pitch assignment, like I did. My own digital Artefact this semester is a Secondary blog, so I’m very fond of the use of the format. As in previous semesters I’ve also used the blog formatContinue reading “Bcm325: Peer Beta Comments and reflection”


Curation of Tweets through week 6-11 Bcm325

This half of the semester I was more on top of my class attendance and tweeting engaging more with the content and screenings. This all went well until the break period where I travelled home and due to some fault of my own and family matters fell behind but, in the end, I sat downContinue reading “Curation of Tweets through week 6-11 Bcm325”

BCM325- Where is the future taking you- BETA

My Digital Artefact for BCM325 has gone through not just changes this semester but been completely reborn since the pitch assignment. My Digital Artefact changed from a Podcast with a changing topic each week, to a Blog dedicated to interviewing and blogging student and industry profiles, sharing stories and wisdom from current students and industryContinue reading “BCM325- Where is the future taking you- BETA”

Bcm 325 Pitch comments reflection

Reflection on Jessica Wainwrights’ blog Jessica is focusing her Digital Artefact on dying analogue media, specifically the analogue photography, she is intending to use TikTok as her platform for this, she did really well out lining her audience as Gen-Z and specific subcultures (Cottagcore, Soft boi, Vsco Girl, and dispo boy). In my comments toContinue reading “Bcm 325 Pitch comments reflection”

Bcm325- the future of all things, Podcast pitch

This semester I decided to be adventurous with my Digital artefact, this being one of my final semesters of university here at UOW. I decided on making a podcast as it has been on my brainstorm list since 1st year. The podcast is going to be called ‘the future of all things’ ,I intend forContinue reading “Bcm325- the future of all things, Podcast pitch”