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Fortnite and its community

Now when talking about fortnite I remember playing when it first came out this before the first battlepass, before tilted towers, before all these events, when you didn’t have to rack three lines of Ritalin and smash a can of Redbull to be able to out build the 9 year olds you’re playing against. IContinue reading “Fortnite and its community”


Pokémon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke, the battle of two friends

The Challenge has now become a race to the finish, Angus and I are equally matched, I’ve had more mid games setbacks where Angus has become more content and safer with his team. We are both at the same point with only 2 gyms, the legendary battle and elite four to finish. It’s a becomeContinue reading “Pokémon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke, the battle of two friends”

Mario Kart Wii and why it’s a necessary thing in any Uni share house

I’m going to clear one thing up, I suck at Mario kart Wii I can play the switch version of Mario kart 8 but I’m extremely average at the Wii version. It’s been approximately 2 weeks since my 3 housemates and I all males in our 20s, purchased our communal Wii off of Facebook marketplace,Continue reading “Mario Kart Wii and why it’s a necessary thing in any Uni share house”

Spell break- The Latest Battle Royale

Spellbreak is the latest Battle Royale game off the rank, But its actually really fun. I started playing Spell break the week it became free to play on PlayStation 4, after a suggestion from my Online buddy Dman and my housemate Anthony . Spell break is a fairly simple battleroyale game, however what seriously setsContinue reading “Spell break- The Latest Battle Royale”

Minecraft- Background for our world and the game in general

Minecraft is a sandbox game develop by Mojang, through Markus ‘Notch’ Persson who created the game using the java programming language. In 2014 after a tweet from Mr Persson found below Microsoft and many other studios approached Mojang , such as Activison Blizzard and Electronic arts (EA), talks with the later allegedly fell though dueContinue reading “Minecraft- Background for our world and the game in general”

My opinion as a long-time fan on Battlefield 4 and V

Introduction The year is 2013, Battlefield 4 (BF4) roles out for the PS3 and PS4 there are some complaints post release that people feel it is a port of Battlefield 3 with better graphics. The people who complained about this in the community later backflips as the succeeding games, lacked the loveable gameplay that madeContinue reading “My opinion as a long-time fan on Battlefield 4 and V”

My Journey through the Battlefield franchise

Introduction to the series from my eyesThe battlefield series has always held a special place in my heart as it was a game that I shared with my dad, from the time I could pick up a controller, or click the mouse on his computer. I remember sitting on his knee as very small humanContinue reading “My Journey through the Battlefield franchise”

Pokémon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke with Angus- Part 1

Great challenge you can do in a standard Pokémon game, the Nuzlocke, the rules are simple. 1 Pokémon per route, it also must be your first encounter All Pokémon must be nicknamed, this makes you connected Gift and static encounters count, I.E the day care Pokémon or the egg in most games. The most importantContinue reading “Pokémon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke with Angus- Part 1”

A First Time gamer’s experience with The Legend of Zelda

So, for Christmas I decided to buy my housemate a copy of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild on the switch, this also worked out as a gift to myself in the end. She had always been shunned away from playing video games by her brother. She told me that she would play hisContinue reading “A First Time gamer’s experience with The Legend of Zelda”

The Witcher 3- The Gwent Simulator

The Witcher 3 is a Gwent simulator and thats just a fact if you do anything else you arent playing the game. So, let’s play some Gwent. So, from the earliest moment of the game you are introduced to the games token card game Gwent, a turned based strategy card game. The Protagonist of theContinue reading “The Witcher 3- The Gwent Simulator”